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I have decided to run the Dallas Rock n’ Roll Half-Marathon for the As Our Own ministry. I am not a runner, but this gives reason to my training. We are sponsoring a young girl named Parul, who, like many orphaned girls in India, end up in the sex trafficking business, enslaved for life.

“Losing a parent is traumatic no matter where you live. But if you are orphaned in India, your grief is coupled with fear—because quite often, there is no one else to look after you. Many of India’s orphans are left to fend for themselves and often become prey for bonded labor or enslavement in brothels where they are poor, hungry, and exploited.  As Our Own is a ministry that steps in before that can happen. They provide these young girls with counseling, shelter, food, education, clothes, and aids in finding them a permanent family.”
(asourown.org, paraphrased & re-worded)


Will you run?