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Anyone who knows me for more than a few days knows that my passion in life, the driving force that got me through those gruesome engineering classes, the all-night study sessions, and the typical corporate day in America, is to bring clean water solutions to those that need it the most in order to show them the glory of God and keep them alive long enough to either cultivate their current relationship with Christ or awaken a fresh one.

This passion, I’m sure, has been seen at times by my family members as a curse. This involves life-threatening trips abroad and an uncomfortable living situation for my husband. People worry about me, and many assume I will grow out of it once reality kicks in. If I am honest, similar thoughts of wanting comfort above all else and feelings of inadequacy seep in when I am at my weakest moments, full of despair and hopelessness. But God’s faithfulness through His word and His followers always chews up those lies and spits them far into the ocean. I am thankful that He is so steadfast.

Anyway, many of my decisions from how to deal with finances, which job to take, how to spend my spare time, and which books to read stem from this passion. Despite always trying to be prepared, it seems as if this dream was going to die away with the ever in-flow of more bills, more stuff to buy in commercials, and pressure to buy a bigger house for all of children we should already be popping out. I am a huge fan of a non-profit organization called Living Water International, and had been trying for months to jump on one of their drilling trips in Central America. Doors kept shutting, and I had almost given up hope, but then through a series of events we were given the opportunity to go to Nicaragua in July with Living Water. Thank you Jesus. I wasn’t crazy after all.

I am unsure as to how this opportunity is going to pan out in to more opportunities, but I trust that it will, and encourage your prayers. We are excited as we prepare financially and spiritually for this endeavor, and do not intend for it to be an end but a beginning of jumping in to how God is erasing the world water crisis each passing day.

Interesting fact as we approach Christmas: Did you know that Americans spend on average $4.5 BILLION in materialistic Christmas gifts, decorations, music, programs, and food each year? It has been conservatively estimated that it will cost only $10 billion to completely eliminate the world water pandemic…that means $10 billion to provide clean water to each and every village in the world. Consider that while you are purchasing your gifts this season. Perhaps, if you feel led, buy just ONE less gift, and donate that $25 to clean water. One of the reasons I really like LWI is because they know that it doesn’t end with just clean water – that is the beginning, a right that every human being should be entitled to. LWI aims to equip the villages they provide water to with the GOSPEL, the water that will never leave them thirsty again, and the all-important continual discipleship. They also understand the importance of teaching a man to fish instead of just giving them a fish. I could go on forever about this, but check this page out if you are interested in learning more: www.adventconspiracy.org/

God bless, and never stop chasing your dreams! This world is full of opportunities and beauty, and YOU were intended to share in it!