We love traveling, love the outdoors, and love finding economical ways to enjoy these passions without breaking the bank.

When we found out we would be visiting Colorado for my brother-in-law’s graduation, we immediately decided to extend the trip to enjoy this beautiful part of the country. After finding out the cabins in Estes Park are on average $150-$250/night (plus car rental, food, gas, plane ticket, etc.), and we wanted to stay around 5 nights, we decided to invest what we would have spent on the cabins on some great backpacking gear that could be used again and again on future trips.

As beginner backpackers, we realized we had a lot to learn about gear, clothing, cooking, travel, physical preparations, arrangements, bears, hiking, and much more.

These blogs will show you what we have learned as beginner backpackers so that you can share in enjoying God’s beautiful wilderness too! We have found many frugal techniques to save you money as you prepare, and we have learned many techniques that will make the backpacking trip much more enjoyable.

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