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We met a wonderful family while on our Living Water trip to Nicaragua, and both of us instantly liked them. This is one of those rare family’s that exist as an example of how to love others well. After spending a short amount of time with them you can just tell that their characters are different – they are shaped by Christ.

One of the father’s passions in life is sailing, and he fixed up an old sail boat to enjoy this hobby on a regular basis. The beautiful thing about this family is that they don’t sail just to have a great time, though that definitely happens! They sail to invite others to experience God through purposeful fellowship. We were invited one weekend to experience God out on the water while hanging out with some awesome folks, and we had an absolute blast!

The drive out there consisted of a stop at a little hole in the wall cafe to get some of the best $5 subs you have ever tasted and made-from-scratch hot clam chowder. We brought these onto the boat with us as we learned how to get the beauty ready to sail. Adrian and I were allowed to test our skills at the wheel, and it actually wasn’t too bad. When the wind would pick up, the pros would take over. We had this one gust of wind that sent us soaring on our side really far – it felt just like a roller coaster! We left before we got too tired from the sun and cleaned out the boat. It made for a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Thank y’all so much for this blessing. We will never forget our time spent on this super exciting sail!

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