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A local MEETUP group in Houston frequently enjoys “night hikes” through the local Memorial Park and Terry Hershey Park. We thought this would be a great way to get some practice in while meeting new people.

We were the only ones who showed up with packs on, so we got a lot of looks and questions. Most people figured we were just training wearing our pack for an upcoming trip, which is true.

The eclectic group consisted of about 70 or so people. I wouldn’t exactly call what we did “hiking”, as it was mainly walking on a paved trail with most folks in jeans, but it was interesting to learn about the foot-path trail that winds through Memorial Park as we had always only been on the main bike trail.

The sun was out for most of the hike due to daylight savings time, but we all got to turn on our headlamps toward the end. Adrian and I hiked about 6 miles and then left the group to head back to the car so we could get ready for work the next morning.

It was an enjoyable experience. I don’t recommend hiking in Memorial Park at night without a large group of people, but if you are looking for some like-minded friends, check out the MEETUP groups in your area. This was a fun way to spend a Thursday evening.

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