Today I am grateful for clarity from God. We all can relate to the eras in life where you are kind of just bumping around in the dark, trying your hardest to follow the plan you know God has in place, but sometimes wondering where the light is that is supposed to illuminate your path.

Psalm 139 reminds us that God has his hand on our shoulders AT ALL TIMES, guiding us, even when – especially when – we don’t “feel” it. He knit us in the womb and knows our every thought, movement, desire. He is mysteriously omniscient  perfect, and purposeful all at the same time. I can trust someone like that 🙂

We had been struggling lately with whether or not to go to Haiti this summer. Our motives have changed recently, and they are now no longer valid – well, I wouldn’t say valid, just more appropriate at a later time. We had some unanswered questions about the ministry we were going to support, our team-mates had to decline, and the NGO’s/government agencies we were going to meet up with were no longer available. We wanted desperately to follow God in faith, and sometimes obstacles will be put in your way to test or grow you. But today we discovered that these changes in course are just an answer, meaning – “not now.” We will be going back to hopefully perform research on flooding/erosion issues there (God willing, and it seems like He is sure opening doors for that). So rushing into it and going this summer with no plan, motive, assistance, or tangible way of loving people did not make sense. Instead, that money can be used to assist other missionaries.

We are so excited for this clarity, and can’t wait to find out more of God’s plan. Praying for clarification and peace in our hearts with whatever decision may come. Want to be used by God in whatever way He sees fit!

I just love those moments when His plan is unraveled a little bit more – but also trusting in the moments when I have NO IDEA where life is supposed to lead.