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I used to think God guided us by opening and closing doors, but now I
know sometimes God wants us to kick doors down. —Bob Goff, Love Does

I’m sick and tired of being so blatantly pitiful.

Difficult relationships, uncomfortable love, finances, me, church, work, selfish ambitions, expectations – who cares? Me. That’s about it. Not God, not when it is all about gaining something riduculous. Not when Christ is no where in the story-line.

Ready to begin kicking down some doors again – and yes, that requires some discipline, but mostly it requires giving up control to the One who is the best driver.

Let’s do this God. Let’s do this church. Let’s do this beautiful sinners, all of us. Let’s kick down some doors and start living for God again, which can often mean being extremely uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. Let’s learn how to depend on each other again so that no one goes wanting. I see a generation full of potential and passion – I see myself getting in the way sometimes.

God can move mountains with or without us – I would rather be a part of that.