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The 2012 Living Water International Gala was this weekend, and it was a lovely evening of fellowship and learning more about LWI’s vision for sustainable water supply. We had a great time partaking in the evening’s program, but there was one quote that just will not depart from my mind: “Before I leave this place, Oh God, may I leave it better than I found it. May I leave these people better than I found them.” This was spoken by Samuel Ojoke, a brother in Uganda that has been working with Living Water International for the past few years.

Samuel and his family were victims of the Ugandan Bush War in the 80s, and he described how his two little sisters and Aunt died of Cholera after drinking contaminated water in the over-populated containment camps. This man grew up to serve his community by bringing clean water and helping to teach them safe hygiene practices so that the water from the well remained clean upon entering their bodies. He went on to passionately pursue techniques that will ensure the proper mechanical workings of the wells and pumps in the future as opposed to them breaking down and the people going back to the old contaminated water sources. This man is fervently pursuing a cause that is at the heart of God and is giving Him all the credit and glory along the way. This man is my hero.

His first ever trip outside the country of Uganda was this weekend, and his first encounter with America included an upscale Gala with lovely food and decor. Thanks to God, this Gala has already raised and will continue to raise funds for clean water all over the world, but I bet the atmosphere was a real eye-opener for him. He then proceeded to share his story at our church the next day, and our pastor shared a story that literally brought tears to my eyes because in the midst of pain God is so faithful and absolutely beautiful in all that He does. Our pastor’s father-in-law passed away unexpectedly last week. While his wife was visiting her father’s home, they checked the mail to see if he had received anything, and they found an outgoing envelope. It contained a birthday card for our pastor with a $50 check inside. He, of course, could not spend that money on something mindless, and decided to give it to Living Water International’s fundraising efforts to provide “water for life” (i.e. sustainable and safe water practices). He humbly asked us to consider matching the $50 donation to provide safe drinking water and the Living Water of Christ to the remote places of the world. Ah, we live in such a beautiful community and are truly blessed to learn from such wise and selfless people.