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We returned back from drilling the water well more refreshed than I can ever remember after an out-of-town trip. God truly rejuvenated our spirits and gave us sweet time for enjoying great conversations, eating good food, viewing beautiful scenery, meeting amazing people, and of course being a  part of bringing clean water to the thirsty!

I will be posting about our trip for the coming weeks, but I first wanted to show you pictures of the before and after:

This was the villages’ current water well, only about 20-30 feet deep. This shallow depth is not good because the groundwater that gets contaminated from detergents and feces can seep into their drinking supply much easier than with a deep well (at least 70+ feet deep).

This is a better picture of their current water well. Do you see how it is exposed at the top to the elements? When it floods, contaminated water and debris can easily enter the well through the top.



This little boy was taking a bath on top of the concrete pad used for washing clothes and dishes. This is about 4 or 5 feet away from the water well, so the soap gets into their drinking supply much more easily. Isn’t he a cutie though?!


Their latrine was literally about 10 yards away from the very shallow water well. When we tested the water source for contaminants, it was about triple the amount in PPM (parts per million) than what is considered safe drinking water.





These are pictures of the finished deep water well (75′) with very low contaminants (only 125 ppm) and a closed concrete top with an efficient hand pump! The village was so happy to have clean water!







My husband and I washing our hands to enjoy the amazing soup feast the village cooked for us on the Dedication Ceremony day!






There is the community and the drilling team! What a beautiful picture of God’s children coming together for tangible redemption 🙂




Overall we had an absolute blast and could definitely see ourselves doing this more permanently. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Cyndi Castro