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In 2008, as a mere brand new Sophomore in college, I remember fervently wanting to quit school. I had the missions bug, and I wanted to abandon all of my comforts, leave America, and plant myself in Africa – with no skills, plans, contacts, or money. A typical 19-yr old mindset when they’ve listened to one too many evangelical sermons.

As I was walking through the Missions Conference at Breakaway (a large Bible-study on the campus of A&M University), I remember seeing a particular booth

in bright yellow that caught my eye. There was a jerry can sitting next to the booth with college boys, wait, I mean men, trying to carry the can full of water approximately 10 yards. They were struggling a bit to say the least. This booth was the creation of Living Water International, and they were trying to raise awareness about how so many women and children are forced to carry similar jars of water for several thousand kilometers a day robbing them of time to play, learn, and advance their families and communities.

I began talking with the LWI representative about how I wanted to quit school and run to the mission field. He wisely explained to my earnest mind that 90% of requested missionaries are for engineers and architects. Developing countries desperately need people that have gained access to the technological knowledge necessary to provide clean water, shelter, electricity, and transportation to a community. I will never forget this conversation as it truly altered my path forever. I believe God sent this man to prevent me from making a horrible mistake, and now that the engineering degree is over, I have found and married a wonderful man who shares a similar passion, and doors are opening up for us to utilize our engineering skills to help redeem creation with God, it is all falling together beautifully.

My husband and I had both been aching to go on a LWI trip for years, but they had always been booked up far in advance and/or the timing and finances weren’t right. Now God has provided a trip through our amazing church Ecclesia, and we depart this Saturday! I will bring back tons of pictures and stories, and I wanted to give a huge praise to God for his steadfast faithfulness in this journey. We are excited to be a part of bringing clean water to a community in Nicaragua, and can’t wait to see where this will lead.

Please read the following chart that will help explain how water is the first step in building a sustainable economy. Enjoy!

(Living Water International, water.cc)